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P.T. Unichem Candi Industri was established at Sidoarjo, East Java; Indonesia in 1980 that’s engaged in trading and manufacturing of special mineral example calcium carbonate (for use in paint and rubber raw material) and chemicals example dolomite, phosphate and kaptan (for used as natural fertilizer of agricultural industry) in view of the rich abundant natural resources of our country enjoy.

P.T. Unichem Candi Industri is located at Jalan Raya Candi  No. 5, Sidoarjo 61217, East Java; Indonesia with covering areas of some 80,000 square meters with the production capacity exceeding 200,000 ton per annum.

In 1985,  P.T. Unichem Candi Industri expanded into manufacturing of mineral products such as Barite, Hematite, Bentonite, Non-treated Bentonite, OCMA Grade Bentonite, Gravel Packing Sand and Fracturing Sand  that’s complying with American Petroleum Institute (API) also lime stone, quick lime/burn lime, Pebble Quick Lime and Hydrated Lime which we are the member of Lime Association to cater for the increasing needs and respond in view of the rapid development of the oil and gas industry and mining industry in Indonesia. These minerals were mainly used in the oil , gas and mining development projects of our clients located throughout of the whole archipelago of Indonesia.

Our company has since then expanded with the opening of six (6) branches that’s are strategically located throughout the region of the archipelago of Indonesia. The branches are at Jakarta (serving as an marketing arm of the group), Belitung; South Sumatera, Tuban; Bojonegoro, Pamekasan; Madura, Bangka , Duri Riau and Benete - Sumbawa. The main product of each branch is as follows :

Belitung: Sumatera       Sand Mining

Tuban:  Bojonegoro     Quick Lime and Calcium Carbonate Granulate

Pamekasan; Madura    Refined Salt/Vacum Salt

Bangka:  Riau              Sand Mining

Duri:  Riau                   Calcium Chloride, Gravel Packing Sand and Industrial Salt

Benete:  Sumbawa     Lime stone, quick lime/burn lime, pebble quick lime and hydrated lime.

In continuous striking for better quality on our products, the company have embark on a quality program & system that’s base on American Petroleum Institute (API) Spec Q1, Spec 13A and  ISO 9001:2000 Standard.  The American Petroleum Institute product specification is the most prestigious institute and governing body for standards of mineral products used in the drilling activities on oil & gas industries. Our company have since being awarded the prestigious license by American Petroleum Institute of their Monogrammable Product Specification 13A and ISO 9001:2000 Standards certification.

During the late 1990’s further expansion has been underway with the Company extending into mud services, mud plant, completion services and oil well cementing services that’s to cater its diversification into inter-related products that’s the company have been manufacturing since 1980’s till date.
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